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We are specialized on:

  • Design, planning and elaboration of planes and projects for building any kind of structures of steel and civil structures. consultancy in any kind of metalmechanics building.
  • Elaborating technical papers.
  • Building of any kind of metallic structures of civil oeuvre: General speaking,
  • Supervising and evaluating of structures designs and civil oeuvre in general


Leadership with Integrity

Innovation in Engineering

Focus on our clients

Professionals with high level

We are an enterprise dedicated to development of projects in consultancy, we are able to develop any kind of oeuvre without problems and offer solutions to your projects.

Our services:

  • Assessment, Design, survey and reinforcement of all kinds of telecommunication towers.
  • Relevamiento de topo tipo de estructura metálica
  • Design, evaluation, survey and strengthening of foundations for communication structures
  • Evaluations of existing buildings
  • Structural Detailing
  • Materials testing (Diamantina, Sclerometria and Scaner)
  • Soil study
  • Beams



We meet requirements of our clients by offering integral solutions based on the professionalism of our collaborators. We search and research for continuous improvement of our processes to be able to offer products and services of high quality.



To be recognized as a capable, competitive, strong and reliable company in our field..

B & P Diseño e Ingeniería del Acero S.A.C. offers which meet your needs:



Area of communication: sector of communication offers all types of Radio, Television and Telephony Antennas.

  • Evaluation and structural calculations of tower and foundation.
  • Survey of tower and foundation.
  • Tower and foundation reinforcements.
  • Soil study.
  • Materials testing:
  • Diamond testing.
  • Scanner testing.
  • Accelerometer testing.
Building Area: Homes and buildings
  • Structural evaluations.
  • Reinforcements.
  • Soil study.
  • Materials testing:
  • Diamond testing.
  • Scanner testing.
  • Accelerometer testing.
Mining Area: Calculating the mining and steel structures: Ships, buildings and porches.
  • Implementing.



Modeling three-dimensional structure in view to develop manufacture drawings according to the standards of design.
Our service is characterized by:

  • Personalized and constant attention during project development.
  • Advice and monitoring of project implementation.
  • Project development with specialized programs for calculation and design for all types of structures.

What makes us different

Engineering Innovation

Best engineers to have best product

Designing Innovation

Great experience means great solutions .

Innovation in B2B

We take care of you, your expectations are ours.

Quality assurance

Quality seal in all of our structures.

They Trust us